Noha Saré is an Amsterdam based electro-pop/ alternative R&B singer who stands out for her powerful, yet sensitive voice. She loves to play with contradictions in her own character and likes to dive into them and explore them. Both in her music and in photography and videography. Last year, as an independent artist, she made a promising entry by releasing her first singles and videoclips. Last February she released her debut EP and she’ll be releasing lots of new music this fall. 

Born in Amsterdam and raised by parents who are both artists, Noha Saré grew up surrounded by art. From an early age, she and her brother Marius (who is a multi-instrumentalist and composer) started to perform and make music together. They collaborate on songwriting and Marius co-produces her music together with producer Tom Bachmann. Over the last years an inspiring collaboration and strong friendship has evolved between the three of them. 


My art as a mood. We are all humans with a lot of mood swings and different personalities. As a person you are a collection of all these tiny mirrors of personalities. Lets play with these contradictions in our own character and dive and explore them.

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